Milk Powder Australia

Australian Infant Formula

Founder of Milk Powder Australia - Simon Hansford is committed to growing Australian dairy.

Following his lifelong passion for premium quality produce, Simon created Gold Cow Australia with a passion for quality and decades of industry knowledge and experience.

Simon along with mother Peggy have been involved in manufacturing of ice cream, yoghurt and milk powder ingredients well before establishing an ice cream business in 1980, which grew to be the a dominant Australian manufacturer and supplier of yogurt and ice cream. Simon and his team are proud to have been at the forefront of the industry in the early eighties when the Victorian Food Safety Regulations and HACCP certification was implemented.

After 2008 when issues occurred within the Chinese dairy industry, Simon started research and development work into formulating a further range of milk powdered products. This led to the establishment of the first independently owned infant formula manufacturing plant in 2009 servicing Chinese and Asian markets.

Milk Powder Australia has built strong business relationships with independent local manufacturing plants, farmers and dairies to ensure premium quality ingredients and continuity of supply. 

Presently specialising in the supply of infant formula and dairy products and ingredients to the Asian markets in particular China. We offer a number of options to these markets.

We look forward to offering you a guaranteed commitment to service and quality assured products.

Simon Hansford

News: Ben Fordham of Radio 2GB interviews Milk Powder Australia CEO Simon Hansford.